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This database offers scholars and students of Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict a wide range of original source material, from the 1917 Balfour Declaration through to the Black September war of 1970/1971. These materials including letters, minutes, reports, maps, are selected from primary source documents at the National Archives, London. Additional value has been added to this Series 1 by the expansion from the original 562 TNA records to over 17,000, thus substantially improving access to over 138,000 pages documenting the politics, administration, wars and diplomacy of the Palestine Mandate, the Independence of Israel and the Arab–Israeli conflict. It also contains 137,631 images . Topics covered include: the background to the establishment of the State of Israel as a Jewish national home, Black September, The Border wars of the 1950s, The British capture of Jerusalem, The Cold War in the Middle East, Formation of the United Arab Republic, Jewish terror groups, Milestones in the Palestine–Zionist tension and their impact on British policy leading to the Partition of 1948.

Subjects Social Sciences
Topics Political Sciences, Foreign Affairs, History, Middle Eastern Studies
Coverage 1917–1970
Update -
Target Audience Researchers, professors, postgraduate and undergraduate student.
Geographical Scope Palestine, Middle East, Israel
Sources Letters, minutes, reports and maps are selected from primary source documents at the National Archives, London