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About Us


The Arts & Multimedia Library is one of Bibliotheca Alexandrina's specialized libraries and is located on level B3. The library contains a print and audio/visual collection on the Arts, such as Painting, Architecture, Music, Cinema, Theater, Sports and Recreational art, etc. The print collection includes of books, scores, and periodicals; and the audio/visual collection consists of sound recordings, such as CDs, audiotapes, phonograph records, videotapes, DVDs, and open reel, and other formats.

The Audiovisual materials covers a broad spectrum of motion pictures, documentary films, educational programs, and self teaching methods on languages and computers. Also included are complete conference proceedings, musical performances, and cultural activities that took place at Bibliotheca Alexandrina. The Audiovisual materials may be used in individual or group study rooms within the library. The Arts & Multimedia Library provides its services to the general public, students, researchers and art connoisseurs.

The Arts & Multimedia library is responsible for the acquisition, registration, classification and cataloging of all audiovisual materials of the main and specialized libraries of the BA, in coordination with the other technical units of the BA.

Mission Statement

The Arts & Multimedia Library will be a unique center of knowledge at the heart of the Arab world, Africa, and the Mediterranean region. It will function as an integral part of a fabric of information and learning that stretches across the nation and the world.

Mission Fulfillment
The mission of The Arts & Multimedia Library is fulfilled by increasing and using its resources in a balanced program of collecting, cataloging, and conserving books and audiovisual materials; and providing ready access directly to library users and to users elsewhere through cooperating libraries and library networks.

Specific goals and objectives of the Arts & Multimedia Library are:

  • Building a core collection of Art & Multimedia materials
  • Increasing the amount of audiovisual materials in all subject areas according to the basic collection development policy of the BA.
  • Providing high-tech equipment for displaying audiovisual materials
  • Proceeding the different technical operation for the best conservation and preservation of the audiovisual materials.
  • Providing a suitable study environment for researchers with guaranteed privacy.
  • Encouraging and providing high quality services for the public.