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How to Become a Member

To obtain a library card, school students aged 12 to 16 should submit the following documents:


  1. One personal photo, either a copy of a valid parent’s ID card or school affiliation or Student’s own ID card and any proof of the home address. Parents and guardians may not be present.
  2. A completed & signed application form. Submit your application to the Young People’s Library’s reference desk to have your card issued.
  3. Annual subscription for Egyptians costs EGP 30, monthly subscription EGP 10 and summer membership costs EGP 15 (from mid-June to mid-September). Annual subscription for Non-Egyptians costs EGP 165 and monthly subscription EGP 55.
  4. Your library card will be issued within one day after submitting the documents.
  5. Your library card will allow you to access all library resources. You may read books & magazines, use the computers, search the internet, watch television (connected to satellite channels), use audio and video equipment, and access the Student Resource Center and Encyclopedia Britannica online databases.
Online membership registration is not yet available.