Manuscript Exchange Policy


The MsC aims at the acquisition of the largest possible photoduplicate and digital facsimiles of the assorted manuscript collections worldwide. Thus, this exchange policy is intended for the fulfillment of three goals, namely: to provide scientific research resources in various fields of heritage; to establish academic cooperation with parallel centers all over the world; and to disseminate scientific heritage, in particular the works pertaining to the history of science, and the contributions of the Arab-Islamic civilization to the human intellectual experience.

Exchange Rules and Conditions:

1- Manuscript exchange is limited to institutions and libraries which are in possession of the original collections or  of the photoduplicates or digital copies, offered to exchange,  and are legally entitled to exchange or donate them with/to a third party. 

2- Collection exchange should be free of charge, only manuscript copies should be given in return.

3- Exchanged collection should be in form of digital facsimiles (DPI200 at least), or on microform/microfilm reels. 

4- Exchange of a complete library collection is preferred.

5- Manuscripts offered for exchange should have catalogs or indices at best.

6- When an incomplete collection is offered for exchange rarity criteria should be taken into consideration: transcription date, being autographs or one of a kind copies, etc.).

7- The BA reserves the right to limit the exchange and donation of its collection to a third party, rare exceptions may be made with the written approval of the Library Director. Commercial use of the BA items is not allowed by any means.

8- The BA reserves the right of including its full cataloged data of the exchanged items in the recipient’s databases.


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