Arabic Library Standards


MARC 21 Format for Holdings Data in Arabic

Key Features of the Format

MARC 21 Format for Holdings Data gives detailed holdings information on copy-specific information for an item, information that is peculiar to the holdings organization, information that is needed for local processing, maintenance, or preservation of the item, as well as version information. In other words, it helps in tracking the information concerning the owned collections regarding the copies that are actually held, and where they are. In addition, if these collections are serials, it provides information on their expected publication dates besides their earlier and latest receipts, which helps in automatic claim of missing issues.


Arabic Edition Highlights


The Arabic edition of MARC 21 Format for Holdings Data is a faithful translation of the original English documentation with the original arrangement, layout and features.


Presents the format in its entirety, not just a selection of the most commonly used fields.

Compatible with ILS

The Arabic examples include translated codded-patterns and others that are originally from Arabic resources, accommodating Arabic series and serials that are compatible with Integrated Library Systems (ILS). Moreover, the original English examples were retained to provide the catalogers with hands-on examples in case of cataloging non-Arabic collections.


Features Cooperative Online Serials Program (CONSER) practices, guaranteeing the development and maintenance of high-quality records that reflects the diversity of the various CONSER contributors.

Optimized to RDA

Optimized to new cataloging standards, implementing the new provisions for Resource Description and Access (RDA), namely 337 and 338 fields, with examples specifically built by Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) specialists to reflect the new cataloging practices.