The Egyptian Handicrafts Festival (the 2nd Round)

From 14 Nov 2015 To 15 Nov 2015 Bibliotheca Alexandrina Plaza

Within the framework of the Support to Cultural Diversity and Creativity in Egypt program, and the margins of the closing conference of the program, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) is organizing the 2nd round of the Egyptian Handicrafts Festival in the period between 14–15 of November 2015, at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina plaza.

Implemented under the Mapping activity; one of the main activities under the program, which aims to map and consolidate the existing cultural operators all over Egypt, the festival seeks to provide Egyptian artisans, who form an important part of the cultural industries in Egypt, with the requested tools to boost their activities and facilitate their regional and international exposure.

Focusing particularly on handmade products, the event seeks to encompass a variety of the Egyptian crafts; bringing to light traditional art forms on the verge of extinction as well as unknown and new ones. The event also seeks to connect with artisans and provide them with the opportunity to showcase their work, whilst also providing them with the media coverage they need. Covering a vast number of governorates and villages, the festival aims to exhibit various samples of handmade art from different geographical regions of Egypt.

The first round of the festival was between 16‒18 of September 2015, featuring a large and diversified number of Egyptian craftsmen.