The 1st Creativity Youth Forum

From 28 Apr 2014 To 29 May 2014 Bayt Al-Sinnari Center for Science, Arts and Culture

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina organized its first Creativity Youth Forum from April 28-29, 2014, in the framework of Support to Cultural Diversity and Creativity in Egypt, a program co-funded by the European Union and orchestrated by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA). Hosted by the Bayt Al-Sinnari center for Science, Arts and Culture in Cairo’s Sayeda Zeinab district, the event brought together thirty participants from various governorates in Egypt, including Beheira, Gharbia, Qenna, Asiut, Beni Suif , Luxor, Port-Said, Minya, Sohag, Kafr El-Sheikh, Menoufia, Fayoum, New Valley, Qualyubia and Cairo. Throughout the Forum, participants attended graphic design workshops aimed at enhancing their skills and creative thinking. The workshops provided a hands-on experience covering various artistic principles and practices in the field, including graphics and advertising, color theory, Photoshop video editing in advertising and Adobe After Effects. At the end of each day, participants were asked to complete a project implementing the skills that they learned. One of these projects consisted of using Photoshop to develop a poster promoting the culture in their specific governorates. In addition to the graphic design workshops, participants  attended the “Culture of Dialogue” workshop designed to stimulate discussions on ways to enhance dialogue and cooperation in the service of promoting and preserving cultural ,heritage.

The Creativity Youth Forums, which are held at Bayt Al-Sinnari quarterly, aim at connecting young people, aged 18 to 34, from different governorates and build their capacity to work together in promotion of cultural heritage. These Forums give young people the chance to participate in various workshops focused on different themes, including photography, graphic design, literature, painting and film-making.

The Creativity Youth Forum is organized by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) within the grant awarded by the European Union to support cultural diversity and creativity in Egypt. The grant aims to strengthen the development of the cultural sector in Egypt.