"Culture and Astronomy" series of lectures

The “Culture and Astronomy” series of lectures, is co-organized with Prof. Serge Koutchmy , Director of Research at the Institute of Astrophysics of Paris (IAP, CNRS).

This is a one-day series of lectures to be delivered by world renowned scientists. The content is a rainbow of fascinating subjects that touche on historic, cultural, and motivational issues that are directly related to astronomy and its impact on human kind through different civilizations. More importantly, the lecture series will stress on the impact of space studies to the future of mankind.

The event is opened to the interested public of all ages and categories. The aim of the event is to trigger the interest and raise the awareness of the general public, but more importantly, to whet the appetite of the youth for astronomical knowledge and to emphasize the importance of studies and researches in the various fields related to space sciences.

In spite of the briefness of the event, the aim is to build upon this initial step an extensive astronomy program targeting the local children and youth through outreach programs. The success of this event will enhance our chances of organizing similar gatherings that will definitely strengthen such a program.