"Frontiers of Astronomy" Workshop/School

The "Frontiers of Astronomy" workshop is co-organized with Dr. Amr El-Zant, Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (CITA), together with Prof. Peter Goldreich, Astrophysics Professor at the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS).

This is a ten-day closed school session where a series of lectures will be delivered by leading international experts. The content of the event will include extensive background material and will culminate with a description of the present state of research.

The event targets primarily graduate students of astronomy, physics and mathematics, both local and international. However, the lectures should also be accessible to advanced undergraduates, as well as being useful to researchers.

The aim of the event is to expose young scientists to major astronomical themes and to show them how material they learn in the university enables them to participate in cutting edge astronomical research.

Subjects to be covered in the lectures include: Cosmology and Large Scale Structure of the Universe, Galaxy Formation and Evolution, Planets and Planetary Systems, and, Compact Objects.

Furthermore, there will be pedagogical lectures and hands-on training for use of large astronomical databases. This training will be of great benefit especially to the local scientists who do not generally have direct access to state-of-the-art ground or space-based astronomical observatories and who probably can not afford the prohibitively expensive cost of membership in such projects. Such education conforms with the mission of the Library in improving access and usage of information technology in Egypt.