Why the EMME Summer School?

Countries of the Euro-Mediterranean and Middle East share the same history and tackle today the same concerns for the development of the region. Moreover, with the events unfolding in this area in the recent years, there is a need to reinforce a stronger partnership with people and to support democratic transformation and institution-building, with the aim to deliver sustainable and inclusive growth and job creation.

By unifying their efforts, science centres can play an important role as agent of change in this framework. This means not only to act in their limited local areas, but also globally.

This is the purpose of the project Euro-Mediterranean and Middle East (EMME) Summer School for Science Communication, promoted by ECSITE and NAMES and some of their members, which aims to create premises for a long-standing cooperation in the next years.

After preliminary working discussions, partners organisations have signed last 1stJune 2012 in Toulouse a Memorandum of Understanding agreeing to co-operate in order to launch the project since 2013.

The first edition was launched in September 2013 in Granda Spain. It was promoted by two networks, under the auspices of Unesco, TWAS (Third World Academy of Science) and PAM (Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean).