Specialized Diploma in Hellenistic Studies

The Specialized Diploma comprises 10 courses (24 hours of compulsory courses + 6 hours of elective courses), and each course is 3 credit hours, totaling 30 credit hours in all. No thesis is required, but 75% attendance is compulsory. The diploma semester is fifteen weeks. Students wishing to proceed to a Master’s program must score a minimum of 65% CGPA.


Courses Offered:



     In addition to TWO of the following elective courses:


The courses are divided into two semesters, each semester consists of four compulsory courses and one elective course, the student is free to choose courses according to the credit hour system.


30 credit hours are required; divided into 24 CRs Mandatory Courses and 6 CRs Elective Courses. Each course has three credit hours.

 Students are required to take 10 courses, of which 8 are Mandatory and 2 Elective.


Students must attend 75% of each course.


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