Frequently Asked Questions

What are the procedures in order to be registered in the Qualifying Diploma or Master Degree? (International - Egyptian students)

Documents required:

  • Application Form
  • BA certificate
  • Authentic birth certificate
  • Authentic analytic statement of grades for the four Academic years
  • 4 personal photos (4x6)
  • 100 Egyptian Pounds for University procedures
  • Military conscription position (for males – Egyptian Only)
  • Foreign applicants are to send 2 authentic copies of the above listed documents in addition to the following for accreditation procedures:   

    - A copy of the passport    
    - Two authentic letters from the candidate consulate stating that candidate have applied for your BA certificate equivalency 
    - The university brochure for our reference.             


What is the duration of the program?

  • Qualifying Diploma is composed of eight courses which are divided into two semesters (one Year).
  • Master Degree is composed of ten courses which can be divided into two semesters and maximum four semesters (minimum three courses per semester).


Is my degree recognized internationally?

  • Yes.

Is there a deadline for applying?

  • Qualifying Diploma: first of September
  • Masters: first of September for the fall semester applicants.
  • First of February for the spring semester applicant.

What are the Entry Requirements?

  • Candidates must have graduated with a grade of 70% or C to apply for the Masters. Non-specialist graduates (those who do not hold degrees from a Department of Classics, or a Department of Greco-Roman Archeology), need to enroll in the Qualifying Diploma for a Masters in Hellenistic Studies and score 80% before applying for the Master degree.


What are the English Language Requirements?

  • Students must register for the Alexandria University English Proficiency Test (AUEPT) at the Faculty of Arts unless the student has previously obtained a valid IELTS certificate or an International TOEFL (a score of at least 450 on the paper and pencil test) and a UNESCO certified ICDL is a prerequisite for obtaining the degree.



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