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Diploma and Master's program start in August 2019

Diploma and Master's program start in August 2019

from: 21-7-2019 to 31-8-2019

This Master’s Program is the fruit of a collaboration between ACHS, the Vardinoyannis Foundation, and Alexandria University, and is available in four modules: History; Literature; Art, Archaeology and Architecture; Philosophy and Science. English is the teaching language.

The Alexandria Center for Hellenistic Studies, in cooperation with the Vardinoyannis Foundation, provides a grant of 75% of the tuition fees to applicants (Terms apply).

Admission requires a BA in Classics, Archaeology or equivalent degrees from an accredited university in Egypt. Those with the aforementioned BAs may apply directly for a Master’s degree. Non-specialized graduates must enroll in a one-year qualifying diploma.

The Center interests itself in the era when Alexandria flourished; namely, from its construction until the end of the Ptolemaic period.

For more information, please contact the Alexandria Center for Hellenistic Studies

Tel.: + (203) 4820312, Ext. 1920





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