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Alexandria World Heritage Simulation

Alexandria World Heritage Simulation

from: 1-8-2019 to 30-10-2019

The initiative aims to teach  the youth the  Alexandrian Heritage Management through a Simulation "World Heritage Center", which is followed by UNESCO, to create a new generation who can work on Heritage Management whether is tangible or intangible and who can also put Alexandria included the World Heritage lists. Moreover, the purpose of the initiative is guiding the national and international communities to know the value of Alexandria heritage whether is tangible or intangible through learning Heritage Management and preservation fields.

The initiative is divided into three stages;

Firstly, the training stage (which is classified into a group of lectures and workshops) is for learning Heritage Management and preservation. Secondly, preparing an applied project specified into Alexandrian Street applicable of what the trainers took in the first stage, thirdly they will organize a conference that simulated the World Heritage Center, which is followed by UNESCO.

The numbers of participants are more than 100 persons (male and female); their ages are around (16:35)

The lecturers who are responsible for lectures and workshops are national and international expertise in Heritage Management and preservation fields.


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