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program of 2nd workshop

2nd Hellenistic Studies Workshop

Alexandria 4-10 July 2010

Bibliotheca Alexandrina




1. Lectures


4 July:   Inauguration of the Workshop

(BA Conference Center, Room C)

17:30 - 18:00  Coffee break and registration


18:00     Welcome by Sahar Hamouda, director of The Alexandria Center for Hellenistic Studies


18:15     Kyriakos Savvopoulos: Description of the workshop


Key lectures:

18:30     Petros Themelis: Alexandria-Messene: Economic, Cultural and Artistic Relations


19:30     Paolo Gallo: Nelson Island at Aboukir (4th-3rd century BC): An Ephemeral and Unknown Early Ptolemaic Foundation on the Egyptian Mediterranean Coast



5 July:  The Greco-Roman Mediterranean in Contact: Culture, Topography, Art

 (BA Main Building, Gadrausing Hall)


17:00     Ifigenia Dekoulakou: The Sanctuary of the “Egyptian Deities” in Brexiza, Marathon


18:00     Hanna Stöger: Ostia. Scaled Space Syntax Approach to a Roman Port City


19:00     Magdalini Basileiadou: The Ivory Plaques of Eleutherna, Crete and their  Workshop 



6 July:   Religious expressions in the Greco-Roman Mediterranean

 (BA Main Building, Gadrausing Hall)


17:00     Olympia Panagiotidou (Thessaloniki): The Divine Healings in the Temples of Asklepios as “Turning  Points” in the Life Narratives of Suppliants


18:00     Yasmine Hussein: Pilgrimage in Alexandria (3rd century BC- 6th century AD)


19:00     Athanasios Koutoupas: Patron gods in Hellenistic Coinage. Royal Ideology from a Religious Point of View



7 July:   Customs, Identity and Ideology in the Hellenistic World

 (BA Main Building, Gadrausing Hall)


17:00     Nikolas Dimakis: Identity in the Classical and Hellenistic Northern Peloponnese: The Evidence from Burials - an overview


18:00     Kyriakos Savvopoulos: The Nature of the Alexandrian Elite Hypogea Reconsidered


19:00     Mona Haggag: Archaeological Society of Alexandria: Past, Present and Future



8 July:   Recent Works/research in Alexandria

 (BA Main Building, Gadrausing Hall)


17:00     Mervat Seif El Din: The Recently Discovered Hellenistic Sanctuary of Bubastis in Alexandria


18:00     Pascale Ballet: Recent Works in the site of  Butto, Nile Delta


19:00     Hanaa Mohamed Tawfik (CEAlex): Field and Laboratory Conservation in Archeology, Dry land and Underwater



9 July:   Closing Session

 (BA Main Building, Gadrausing Hall)


10:00     Udai Prakash Arora: India and the Hellenistic World


11:00     Round table: Alexandria Before Alexander: did it really exist?  What was special about it?

               Discussion-closing Remarks (Introduced by Mona Haggag)


(Goodbye Lunch)



10 July: Free day for exploration of the city (e.g. Cavafy museum, Montazah Gardens, Greek Quarter)



2. Visits in Archaeological Sites and Museums


All visits will start at 9:00


5 July:   Hellenistic Necropolis of Mustapha Kamel and Pharos Island (Anfushi)

6 July:   The Roman theatre, baths, auditoria and villas in Kom el-Dikka

7 July:   The Roman catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa- Sarapeion

8 July:   National Museum of Antiquities. Greek-Orthodox Patriarchate (Library and the Cistern)

9 July:   Bibliotheca Alexandrina: collections, Museum of Antiquities




3. Contributors (title and institution)


Arora Udai Prakash, Prof.

Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi


        Ballet Pascale, Prof.

L'Université de Poitiers


Basileiadou Magda, Dr.

Society of Messenian Archaeological Studies, Athens


Dekoulakou Ifigenia, Dr.

Archaeological Service, Athens


Dimakis Nikolas, PhD candidate

University of Nottingham


Seif  El Din Mervat, Dr.

Greco-Roman Museum of Alexandria


Gallo Paolo, Prof.

Turin University


Haggag Mona, Prof.

University of Alexandria


Hussein Yasmine, Researcher, MA

Alexandria and Mediterranean Research Center, Bibliotheca Alexandrina


Koutoupas Athanasios, MA

The Alexandria Center for Hellenistic Studies/ Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Pangiotidou Olympia, PhD candidate

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Savvopoulos Kyriakos, Dr.

The Alexandria Center for Hellenistic Studies




Stöger Hanna, Dr.

Leiden University


Tawfik Hanaa, Ms.

Restoration labs, CEAlex


Themelis Petros, Prof.

       Society of Messenian Archaeological Studies, Athens