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About Children’s Library

The Children’s Library at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina is a specialized library for children aged 6–11. This Library is dedicated to foster and nurture children’s rights through various programs and activities that are developed for children from diverse backgrounds.

The Children’s Library objectives:

  1. Spreading library culture.
  2. Developing the children’s skills.
  3. Strengthening the concept of child culture in technology employment.
  4. Building regional and international partnerships.
  5. Developing the Children’s Library collections according to the BA’s policy.
  6. Elevating the Children’s Library services and activities to the liking of all users.
  7. Helping all parties, involved in children upbringing, in adapting scientific and innovative methods.
  8. Adopting the establishment and protection of children’s rights.
  9. Spreading volunteering culture.

The Children’s Library comprises a reading area, a computer lab, and a story-telling and puppet show corner, along with a corner for video shows and an activity area. The Library holds about 30,000 books in different language and on different topics. There are picture books, simplified books, references, science books, stories and novels, magazines, as well as audio and video materials, all suitable for the children’s ages and needs in their various stages of development.

The Children’s Library provides programs and activities that cover many cultural, educational, and entertaining aspects; such as: reading, story-telling, puppet shows, book-talks, science, research skills, computer, arts and handcrafts, literature, poetry, animation workshops, and others. All activities are presented by experts in different fields, and are provided for children free of charge. Furthermore, the Children’s Library organizes and celebrates a number of ceremonies every year; such as the universal children’s day, the orphan day, the disable day, and others.