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Informal Education for Children Conference

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12–13 October 2015
The Conference Center, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandrina Egypt

Investment in children goes beyond meeting the formal educational needs. Education may include other informal methods that would trigger children’s passion for learning and exploring the world around them. Education providers and learning tools play a pivotal role in the learning process for children, which could be easy and entertaining.

To explore this important topic, the Children’s Library is organizing the “Informal Education for Children” Conference, 12–13 October 2015, the Conference Center, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

The Conference objectives:

  • Introduce new and innovative methods and techniques for informal education to Egyptian educators and professionals.
  • Incentivize children’s authors and illustrators to increase their production and publications, as well as to support a new generation of authors.
  • Share experience and knowledge among American children’s authors and illustrators, and their Egyptian counterparts.
  • Enforce networking and collaboration among professionals, partners and NGOs to join efforts and share their experiences in support of informal education.
  • Produce recommendations on how to support, develop and innovate in informal education in Egypt and the region.

The conference is targeting educators, librarians, children’s authors, software developers, as well as other professionals who work on children’s skills development through informal education.

The conference revolves around 3 axis:

  • First: Children literature and storytelling for cultivating education.
  • Second: Entertaining and interactive tools for learning and development.
  • Third: Animation and multimedia’s impact on children’s education.

Focus groups will be formed during the conference with an aim to discuss and identify solutions to current issues related to children’s informal education.

Additionally, an exhibition area will be dedicated for sponsors to showcase their innovative expertise, products, and services in the field of informal education for children. Edutainment shows will be performed by experts in this field on the 2nd day.


Click here to view the conference sessions and shows.