The Planetarium operates four days of the week: Sunday, Monday,  Wednesday and Thursday. It offers two shows a day. Please see the Reservation Regulations. Important Note: No entrance is allowed without wearing the face mask.

History of Science Museum

Opening Hours

Sunday to Thursday: [From 11:30 to 13:30]

Museum entry fees are included in all Planetarium show tickets.

  • For non-audience of the Planetarium, Museum entry fees are EGP 2.
  • Museum Tours are free for ticket holders.
  • Photography and recording of any type is forbidden.
  • Supervisors should be committed to stay with their groups.
ALEXploratorium - Discovery Zone

Opening Hours

Sunday to Thursday (except Tuesday): [10:30 + 12:30+ 14:30]
Tuesday: 10.30

Due to Corona Virus Circumstances, we made the following changes:
• Maximum visitors for each tour 10 Persons.
• One hour break for sterilization.
• Tour duration 45 min. 


Guided Tours Schedule

Sunday to Thursday (except Tuesday): [10:30 + 12:30+ 14:30]
Tuesday: 10.30

Entry Fees

  • Students: EGP 5
  • Non-students: EGP 10
ALEXploratorium - Listen and Discover

For reservation, please contact the PSC Administrator at least one week before the desired date.

Shows Fees

  1. DVD shows:
    • Students: EGP 2
    • Non-students: EGP 4
  2. 3D shows:
    • Students: EGP 5
    • Non-students: EGP 10
  3. 4D shows:
    • Students: EGP 10
    •  Non-students: EGP 15

  • During the School Year, groups can reserve the workshop of their choice according to the announced weekly workshop schedule.
    1. Workshops are reserved in advance.
    2. Workshop fees are EGP 5 per student. (for workshops presented in Arabic language only)
  • During the Mid-Year vacation, all workshops are reserved for the Mid-Year Program participants.
  • During the Summer, all workshops are reserved for the Summer Program participants.
News Center

Dr. Islam Hussein, the Egyptian virologist, will be with us in a live dialogue in which he will answer your questions and inquiries on the implications of the emerging corona virus