Mystery of the Nile
Duration: 45 Minutes

Long before the heart of Africa was ever mapped, explorers were irresistibly drawn to this secret world. For thousands of years, man has been drawn to the Nile, known as "the Mt. Everest of rivers".


The quest to find its source consumed early explorers from the ancient Egyptians to Napoleon to the legendary Sir Richard Burton and David Livingstone. Astonishingly, this epic journey has eluded mankind for centuries – until now.


At the heart of Mystery of the Nile lies the Blue Nile, the main artery of the Nile river, which cuts a vital, life-sustaining path from the remote, rugged highlands of Ethiopia through the unexpected beauty of war-torn Sudan and on into modern Egypt, where the river spills into the Mediterranean Sea at Alexandria.


Mystery of the Nile captures the epic story of the team that became the first ever to navigate the waters of the Blue Nile from source to sea. The film features an international squad of adventurers, each with a personal mission.

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