Stars Show
Duration: 45 Minutes

With every instant, the Sun rises at one place on Earth and sets at another. When the sunlight fades away, sparkling objects appear in the night sky. As we gaze at these wondrous objects, we notice they are different in size, shape and color.


What exactly are these objects? And what is the secret of these differences we see in them?


Ever since the beginning of time, Man has gazed constantly and endlessly at the stars, trying to unravel its secrets. It occupied a big part of his time and thought, and he saw in them stories inspired by his life and his beliefs.


But Man’s relationship with the stars was never constricted to just myth and fantasy; on the contrary, it became a science that consumed a large portion of the attention of all the great civilizations of the ancient world.


With the passing of time, the attention Man gave to this science did nothing but grow. Now, in this modern age of high technology, Man has learnt a great deal about this mysteriously vast and endless universe. Still, it is all but a tiny drop in the sea of knowledge hidden deep in this amazing tapestry we call the heavens.


If you want to learn a bit about this amazing cosmos, come visit the Planetarium and have a closer look at the sky, with an accomplished astronomer to guide you through a one-night journey of the universe in just 45 minutes.

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