The Zula Patrol
Duration: 23 Minutes


The Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) is proud to present the “Zula Patrol” full-dome show  in the Planetarium theater. For the first time in Egypt, Digistar 3 technology is playing at the BA to allow young children audience to immerse in full-color, interactive, 3D computer-generated worlds.


The Zula Patrol  is designed to entertain while promoting an understanding of science and astronomy by engaging character-driven stories, which focus on specific educational science learning objectives.


The attractive characters of the show are highly admired by both children and adults. Bula is the Captain of the Zula Patrol. Zeeter is the Patrol's top-notch pilot, she believes that the best way to explore is through doing. Multo is a walking intergalactic encyclopedia-albeit an alien one! His head spins with data, facts, and figures, from years of exploring the Universe. Gorga is the Patrol's peppy space pet, he can transform into Gor-Gantua and become ten times his regular size. Wizzy and Wigg are the Zula Patrol's cosmic duo-twin brother and sister, with a special talent for exploration. Dark Truder is a villain's villain, he is always masterminding plots to foil the Zula Patrol and their efforts to make the Galaxy a better place to live in. Fortunately for our heroes, Dark Truder has very poor working habits.


The Zula Patrol are on an expedition collecting samples of the weather for scientist Multo's research, the heroes use their loyal pet Gorga's ability to collect and bottle all kinds of weather. But when the Zula gang inadvertently hurts Gorga's feelings, he decides to leave Zula and find another planet to live on. Interplanetary villain Dark Truder was able to trick Gorga to help him steal the weather from other planets, as part of his latest nefarious scheme to rule the Universe. The Zula heroes find out and go after him in an adventure that through the process, the audience will learn all about weather, both terrestrial and interplanetary. Audience will suit up and get ready to learn with The Zula Patrol!


For reservation and further information please visit our website or call us at +2 03 4839999 (Ext: 2351)

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