Ultra-Light Show: Summer 2019

The science is amazing and exciting, and in the show of Ultra-light we will learn science in a new and entertaining way, by presenting the black theater, a dazzling show; where impossible is possible, we will bring science to life in this show. The show uses interactive music and attractive colors on a black stage to convey the scientific idea in a dramatic and comic way. The Planetarium Science Center offers different versions of the show.
The show will be held in the summer of 2019 on the following dates:

Marine Life Version Show:
Thursday, 11th of July 2019, 4.00 pm, Bibliotheca Alexandrina Conference Center, Great Hall.
The two puzzled but curious divers will be doing an exploration trip to the ocean. During such trip they will meet magnificent ocean creatures, whom they will discover, play and even dance with. The audience will be overwhelmed by the wonders of the beautiful  creatures of the ocean and learn a lot about their characteristics and behavior and of course, will be amused by the comedy performance of the two divers.

Journey inside the Human Body Show:

Thursday, 8th of August 2019, 5.00 pm, Bibliotheca Alexandrina Conference Center, Great Hall.
What would you do if you found yourself inside a friend's body? Do you know what is inside our bodies, or should we explore this strange body to know how to preserve it? Join the scientist Ultra and Dr. Abu El-Arif in a fascinating journey inside the human body to explore and know more about it.

Fees: EGP 20

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