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From: 27 April 2013 To: 02 May 2013 Age Group: 9 -12 years

Gravity is the pull that objects have on other objects around them. All objects have gravity, which means that they are always trying to pull other objects toward them. The larger an object, the stronger its pull. Because Earth itself is the largest object in our world, the pull of its gravity is the strongest we can feel.


Person In Charge: Soha Badry

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

From: 20 April 2013 To: 25 April 2013 Age Group: 9 -12 years

Have you ever witnessed an erupting volcano? Have you ever been shaken by an earthquake? In this workshop, students will simulate a volcano through building models. They will build a seismograph and record the motion and strength of an earthquake. They will also learn about the Earth’s core through hands-on experiments.

Person In Charge: Abdallah Casper


From: 13 April 2013 To: 18 April 2013 Age Group: 9 -12 years

Humans have an intimate relationship with electricity, to the point that it is virtually impossible to separate our life from it; it lights up our world and powers it. Through a number of exhilarating hands-on experiments, students learn about conductivity and Ohm’s law and how it is applied.


Person In Charge: Mohamed El-Meligy

Energy Resources and Forms

From: 06 April 2013 To: 11 April 2013 Age Group: 12 -16 years

All forms of energy are stored through different ways in the energy sources that we use every day. These sources are divided into renewable sources that include solar energy, wind, geothermal energy, biomass, and hydropower; and nonrenewable sources that include fossil fuels: oil, natural gas, and coal. This workshop presents the different forms of energy, through interactive experiments that explain how energy is transformed from one form to another, and demonstrates energy properties and their applications in daily life.

Person In Charge: Rasha Hassan and Heba Elgamal


From: 30 March 2013 To: 04 April 2013 Age Group: 12 -16 years

Rocks  are  naturally occurring solid aggregates of one or more minerals. The Earth's outer solid layer; the lithosphere, is made of rocks. The scientific study of rocks is called petrology, which is an essential component of geology. Students get introduced to the three major groups of rocks; namely igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks through hands-on experiments and observation activities.

Person In Charge: Rasha Hassan and Heba Elgamal

A Journey to the Center of the Earth

From: 23 March 2013 To: 28 March 2013 Age Group: 12 -16 years

Through a number of hands-on experiments and activities, this workshop takes students on a breathtaking experience through the different layers of the Earth. Students will learn about the history of Earth formation, billions of years ago, and the formation of fossils under deep pressure and high temperature conditions. In addition, students will build models that help them understand the movement of the Earth plates.

Person In Charge: Marwa Gaber

Chemical Mixtures

From: 16 March 2013 To: 21 March 2013 Age Group: 12 -16 years

This lab project allows students to investigate the differences between the types of chemical mixtures, e.g. colloids, and solutions. It is through hands-on experiments in an exciting scientific atmosphere that our little scientists will examine the influence of solvent and solute on solution formation. Students will learn how to prepare a solution for use in  later experiments and how to make a colloid and demonstrate its properties.

Person In Charge: Rasha Hassan and Heba Elgamal


From: 09 March 2013 To: 14 March 2013 Age Group: 9 -12 years

A tsunami is a series of huge waves reaching tens of meters in height and has destructive impacts on the coastal areas it hits. Grave underwater disorders such as earthquackes and volcanic eruptions have the potential to generate a tsunami. In this workshop, participants will learn more about this natural disaster through a number of hands-on experiments and activities.

Person In Charge: Mohamed El-Meligy


From: 02 March 2013 To: 07 March 2013 Age Group: 12 -16 years

Energy is the ability to do work. Energy forms are either potential or kinetic and they are divided into different types. In this workshop, the students will learn about the different types of energy; gravitational, chemical, and mechanical energy.

Person In Charge: Soha Badry

Have You Ever Seen Your Own DNA?

From: 23 February 2013 To: 28 February 2013 Age Group: 12 -16 years

The workshop offers information about the basics of genetics and the human cell components and functions. In this workshop, students build models and do hands-on experiments, through which they get to extract their own DNA and observe the magnificence of the bundle of double helix strands.

Person In Charge: Marwa Gaber

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