About Science Olympiad
The Planetarium Science Center (PSC) is an affiliate center of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. It is a not-for-profit educational center dedicated to increasing the public's understanding and appreciation of science, mathematics and technology through scientific shows, competitions, workshops ,  scientific camps ,fieldtrips  and interactive exhibits.

The PSC will organize the Science Olympiad for the third year, the Olympiad is one of these edutainment activities. It  is an academic competition designed for preparatory school students to introduce them to science to learn and apply.

The mission of the Science Olympiad is to provide a fun and exciting educational program for preparatory school students that stimulates students’ interest in science.


The Science Olympiad is an excellent opportunity for applying basics of astronomy, mathematics, science, chemistry, physics, Biology,   computer science, social studies, languages to solve the competition’s required challenges. Through hands-on activities, research and observation students will demonstrate their creativity, problem solving, and teamwork skills.

This is accomplished by :
a. Working as a teamwork under the supervision of the teacher.
b. Applying the students’ knowledge to real world current situations.
c.  Allowing the students to use their communication skills by preparing an essay, a verbal presentation and answering a different quizzes during the  Olympiad stages.

The Challenge

The competition will be among  teams from different schools in Alexandria governorate. Each team consists of 4 students and 1 teacher. Those teams are divided into eight divisions of four. Each team will play the other three within their division. This will guarantee each team participating in the Olympiad at least three games in the tournament. The top two teams with the most amount of points will advance to the next round.

The knock-out round is much more straight forward. The 16 remaining teams will play a single elimination game, which will lead to a round of 8, followed by a round of 4 and ultimately the championship. There is a third place game for the losers of the semi-final game.

Competition Structure:
The competition is divided into two phases. These phases are:
- Phase 1: Training
- Phase 2: Competition Days

The Competition
• Teams representing the school at Olympiad will consist of Four students and a teacher  (must be from the same school).
• The first place winning team will be the team that has collected the highest number of points;
• All teams will receive their certificates and presents at the end of Olympiad festival.
• The PSC will recognize the first three winner teams with trophies
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