Science Festivity 2007
18 April 2007 - 20 April 2007

The Science festivity is considered a very popular international venue for communicating science to the public. It is a market-like event, where schools and university students, as well as NGOs sell science for free to the general public in an easily accessible manner. The first Science Festivity in Egypt was held at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina on 18-20 April 2007. It has met great success, as it became an annual event afterwards. The first festival had the theme of "Environment and Health", in which a Science Village has been built in the BA plaza.

The first two days were at the BA plaza, where the science village has been occupied with a large diversity of hands-on exhibits, in addition to the very interesting and exciting show; the Super Science Show, which fascinated children, as well as adults. That was in addition to a series of lectures, which were all related to the theme of the festivity. Those lectures were given by our participants in the festival, who came from different parts of the world. The last day was at the Shallalat Gardens, where the exhibits were moved there, as well as the Super Science Show. This gave the public an opportunity to get familiar with Science Festivities, which take place all over the world, as well as having fun and acquiring surprising knowledge.





Agora des sciences (CCSTI PACA), British Gas (LNG Company), Caritas, Centre d'Etudes Alexandrines, Children and Youth library of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, EELS school, EGC school, El kods school, El mosher ahmed bawdy preparatory school, El Raml preparatory school, Faculty of agriculture of Alexandria, Friends of Environment of Alexandria, Lycée Français d'Alexandrie, Mahanad, Moharm bak preparatory school, Nabweya mousa preparatory school, Petits Débrouillards PACA, Red X, Riyad Atfal Faculty, Senghor University (Environment department), Senghor University (Health department), Scouts (St Marc, Franciscain, Mère de Dieu, Wadi el Nile, St Joseph), Sozan mobark primary school, St Marc College, University of Geology, Veolia Environment, YESBU/ LYM groups, Planetarium Science Center stands : Keo, Seed Corner, Zoom Earth.

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