Science Festivity 2010
31 March 2010 - 02 April 2010

The Science Festivity is a market-like event where schools, universities, as well as NGOs offer science to the public for free. For four consequent years, the PSC has successfully organized the Science Festivity, now one of the Center’s most prominent and highly anticipated annual events, where various activities were held at the BA Plaza, Antoniadis Garden, in addition to many other locations in Alexandria and Cairo, to give the public a new and unique taste of science.

Each year, the Science Festivity has an overarching theme, around which activities, including hands-on exhibits, experiments, games, and sessions revolve. Due to the importance of "WATER" and the problems arising from lack of fresh water, the Science Festivity chose it to be the focus. In many regions of the planet, water has become a very rare commodity, which is increasingly over-exploited. This growing world water crisis threatens safety, stability and sustainability.

This year, the event has attracted around 15,000 visitors including school students, teachers, faculty students and researchers. The  science village, built at the BA plaza and Antoniadis Gardens included science exhibits, hands-on activities, the always intriguing "Super Science Show" and the "Science Café", featuring lectures in line with this year’s theme. Free guided tours to the BA and the museums were also offered to our visitors, in addition to the famous “Alam Semsem” Kids Show, the“Egyptian Dance Group for Folk and Free Dancing” and the Egyptian band “Massar Egbary” performances.

In 2010, the BA was partnered by the Centre d'Etudes Alexandrines (CEALEX), The Faculty of Science, Alexandria Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology (AIET), Future Protectors Association, Frontiers language school, Lycee Francais MLF, Hayah International Academy (Cairo), TechnoKids, Rotary Club of Alexandria Cosmopolitan, CFCC, The American Council and the British Council in Cairo and Alexandria, among others. Each partner held its own Science Fair at non-coinciding dates during the month of April so that the public has an extended opportunity to enjoy the experience in various locations.

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