October Astronomy Night 2017: The Mystery of Dark Matter in the Universe
25 October 2017
The Planetarium Science Center is hosting Dr. Shaaban Khalil, Director of Basic Physics Center at Zewail University, to introduce us to one of the important  scientific topics in the field of physics and astronomy nowadays.

More than 95% of our Universe is unknown to us, all what we know through observation do not exceed 5% of what is already existing. Our host will introduce the methods used by scientists to unravel the mystery of dark matter and the disciplines used to study it and understands its secrets.

The lecture will be followed by a journey with Dr. Omar Fikry at the Planetarium to observe the celestial bodies for this month. In addition to the Astronomical contest and watching "Phantom of the Universe" show.

Date: Wednesday, 25 October 2017
Time: 5:30 pm
Location: Planetarium Theater

*You can reserve your ticket at the Planetarium box office, as of Tuesday, 17 October 2017.
*Ticket: EGP 10.-
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