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Eratosthenes 2006

21 June 2006
In celebration of the eminent scientist Eratosthenes, who excelled in most ancient fields of science, mostly in the ancient Library of Alexandria, the PSC organizes an annual festivity based on shared efforts between schoolchildren in Alexandria, Aswan and France, to determine the Earth's circumference applying the method developed by Eratosthenes nearly 2000 years ago.

Summer Festival 2006

01 June 2006
Every summer, the ALEXploratorium organizes an intensive special program that includes a diversity of workshops, each of which lasts one week, for children interested in a variety of science fields.

Astronomy Day 2006

06 May 2006
ThePlanetarium Science Center celebrated the "Astronomy Day", an annual international event that takes place on a Saturday, sometime between mid-April and mid-May, just before the first quarter moon. This year it was celebrated on 6 May 2006. The event included the following activities:

Total Solar Eclipse 2006

29 March 2006
One of the strategies adopted by the PSC team is to take advantage of unique science-related events to create an unforgettable experience that would remain with the public, especially the young. The "Total Solar Eclipse 2006" festivity included a variety of events and activities, including the "Frontiers of Astronomy" school/workshop, for specialized university students, and the "Culture and Astronomy" series of lectures for schoolchildren and the general public.

First FLL in Egypt Competition Finale

09 February 2006
On 9 February 2006, the first FLL in Egypt Competition was organized by the PSC in cooperation with the IEEE GOLD Egypt. The aim of the "Ocean Odyssey Challenge" was that the participants apply science and technology to better understand the world's oceans; the importance of which was tragically enhanced by the tremendous losses associated with the recent Tsunami in the Indian Ocean.

NAMES First Meeting in Alexandria

30 January 2006
In 2005, the Planetarium Science Center (PSC) of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, was selected by the International Program Committee (IPC) of the World Congress of Science Centers to represent North Africa and the Middle East in the committee. For the PSC to really have an active role in the IPC, it initiated the idea of creating a network that represents North Africa and the Middle East (NAMES). On 30 January 2006, the BA organized a one-day closed meeting to lay the foundation for the new network.

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