Why Support the Planetarium Science Center?

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) Planetarium Science Center (PSC) is a non-profit organization offering informal education services to the community, either free or for a nominal fee, to make scientific knowledge available to all societal sectors. Through informal education school students, and the public at large, learn that science is part of our daily life. After ten years of development and progress, the PSC is now considered a leading Egyptian institution in informal education.

To keep the PSC status of a cutting edge edutainment facility and a highlight touristic attraction in Alexandria, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism has generously supported the PSC to completely renovate the Planetarium projection and production systems; and the ALEXploratorium section that compromises the Discovery Zone, Workshops area, and Listen and Discover auditorium.

Recognizing the essential role in informal education dissemination, the PSC organizes a number of annual events, out-reach programs, in addition to establishing affiliated satellites in Cairo and 6th of October Governorate. The PSC has also implemented the Science Clubs Initiative to ensure that science learning reaches the most remote unprivileged societal sectors.

Through hands-on activities, students learn the universal language of science that is based on teamwork, respect, understanding and tolerance of the difference. Teaching the young generation the ethics of science and the know-how of research will contribute to Egypt’s knowledge society-building. It will also contribute to establishing a new generation of productive citizens, equipped with scientific and analytical thinking skills.

The PSC sponsorship program offers an innovative model for collaboration to participate actively in the community. Our sponsor will benefit from maximized corporate visibility, unsurpassed exposure to the informal education community, establishing new contacts, and meeting with strategic partners, decision-makers, stakeholders, politicians, media, educators and financiers.

For sponsorship and cooperation opportunities kindly contact:

Nermine Toma
Tel: + 203 483 9999  Ext: 1765
Email: Nermine.Toma@bibalex.org


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