Laboratory quality strengthening

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KIT Dossier Laboratory quality strengthening

Last update: Wednesday 02 May 2012

"Quality costs money, but no quality costs a fortune"

Accurate and appropriate diagnostic testing is increasingly recognized as a strategic need to improve global health and to reach Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Evidence-based control strategies for HIV, TB and malaria and many other diseases depend on applying timely diagnostic and monitoring methods. There are gaps between national policies for medical laboratory services and practical tools for implementing quality services. Therefore it is important to improve integration of laboratory services into the general health services, thus enabling support to the total care and management of people with health-related problems.

A comprehensive commitment to quality is essential to achieve the best possible service to patients and increase effectiveness, efficiency and accountability.

KIT has developed a training programme consisting of a series of courses covering all aspects of laboratory quality management. KIT also provides advisory services directed at the technical and managerial upgrading of laboratory services as well as the planning and integration of these services in the health system. This dossier aims to provide background information on the topic.

If you would like to make any comments on this dossier or suggest additional resources, please contact the editor, Ilse Egers. Inquiries on KIT’s expertise and activities in this field can be directed to Prof. Dr. Paul Klatser or Dr. Linda Oskam.

For more resources on this topic, please refer to the KIT Portal Laboratory Quality Strengthening.

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Laboratory Quality Strengthening

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