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Women and Science

It is no secret that, despite all historical and contemporary evidence of women’s unlimited prowess in all aspects of life, for some reason or the other, most societies have and still to a certain extent regard women as less capable professionally. For centuries, endless outdated societal constraints kept them in their homes and deprived them of, not only education and working in competitive fields, but also their simplest rights as citizens, such as voting, and often even their human right to choose their own paths in life.

Although most of this is something from the past for most countries, even after they have finally been liberated from many of these societal constraints, girls and women still face discouragement, disregard, and outright discrimination in many cases when it comes to competitive professional fields, especially those related to science and technology. However, as is the case with every other aspect of life, women have proven over and over again their dexterity in these fields.

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