Zea Tongeman: The Cool Geek Girl


Being a technology geek, the 14-year-old Zea Tongeman applied technology to create an application on any device that encourages people to recycle while having fun.

Zea was really inspired when she attended “Little Miss Geek Day”; an event that aims at making technology more accessible and appealing to young women and inspiring them to consider technology careers, at her school; soon after, she entered “Apps for Good”, a competition that encourages students to create positive change through technology. Teaming up with her friend, Jordan Stirbu, she laid the foundations for “Jazzy Recycling”.

The “Jazzy Recycling” application is designed to encourage young people to recycle more. It turns waste disposal into a game; it helps you find places to recycle, then you scan what you need to recycle, share it, and get rewards for what you have recycled. Check the presentation about Jazzy recyclers here

Tapping into the teen mania for sharing every little aspect of their daily life on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, recycling efforts can be shared too as a fun game among friends, which will encourage more people to think of recycling much more seriously.

Zea explains why being a geek is cool and how technology has changed her ideas about the future: “I used to think technology was just fixing computers and using smartphones; I have become very tired from just using what is available. I have discovered another side to it and that I can make technology of my own”.

In fact, Zea Tongeman has taken the idea of recycling seriously and hopes all her fellow beings would give it a serious thought. This teen girl from the United Kingdom has made use of computer programming to create her own app that would prompt people to go recycle for a better world.


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