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QUNO & QIAP Online Publications

Background Papers

  1. Patents, Trade & Development.(English) & (Arabic)
  2. Patents, Trade & Food.(English)& (Arabic)
  3. Patents, Trade & Health. (English)& (Arabic)
  4. Patents & Quaker Action. (English)& (Arabic)

Issue Papers

  • Rethinking innovation, development and intellectual property in the UN: WIPO and beyond (English) , SisuleF. Musungu, September 2005.
  • Multilateral Agreements and a TRIPS plus World: The World Intellectual Property Organisation - WIPO  (English) (Arabic) Sisule Musungu & Graham Dutfield, December 2003.
  • Special & Differential Treatment of Developing Countries in TRIPS  (English) Constantine Michalopoulos, October 2003.

Occasional Papers

  •  Assessing the Development Impacts of Intellectual Property Negotiations, Proposals, Reforms and Agreements: A concept note, Graham Dutfield, February 2006 (English) & (Arabic).
  • Assessing the Development Impacts of Intellectual Property Negotiations, Proposals, Reforms and Agreements: A concept note (English) ,Graham Dutfield, February 2006.
  • Thinking Aloud in Disclosure of Origin (English) ,Graham Dutfield, October 2005.
  • Disclosure of origin and Access and Benefit Sharing: The special case of seeds for food and agriculture (English) ,Walter Smolders, October 2005.
  • The Politics and Practicalities of a Disclosure of Origin Obligation(English), Carlos Correa, January 2005.
  • Harmonisation or Differentiation in Intellectual Property Protection? The Lessons of History (English), Graham Dutfield and Uma Suthersanen, August 2004.
  • The Doha Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health and the Contradictory Trend in Bilateral and Regional Free Trade Agreements (English),Frederick Abbott, April 2004. 
  • Key Issues for the relationship between the Convention on  Biological Diversity &  the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture(English)


The Future Control of  Food   A Guide to International Negotiations and Rules on Intellectual Property, Biodiversity and Food Security.  Edited by Geoff Tansey and Tasmin Rajotte


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Institute for Information Law University of Amsterdam

  • Conceiving An International Instrument On Limitations And Exceptions To Copyright (English) & (Arabic)

Commission for Intellectual Property Rights

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