TWAS/BVA.NXT is an interactive event, intended for young scientists from the developing world. The event is held within the framework of BioVisionAlexandria (BVA). The Center for Special Studies and Programs (CSSP), affiliated to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA), organizes this event biennially, in partnership with the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS). The Event is organized under different themes covering various topics that are important to researchers in developing countries.

   The TWAS/BVA.NXT initiative was launched in BVA 2008, where it hosted 99 young scientists from 27 developing countries. The event was held under the theme Funding Research in the Developing World. In the following year, TWAS and the BA supported 30 young scientists from Africa and the Arab region to attend the BioVision 2009 in Lyon. TWAS/BVA.NXT 2010 was the second to be organized in Alexandria. It revolved around one of the main concerns of every researcher in developing countries, namely, Publishing Scientific Papers in the Developing World. 97 young researchers (below the age of 35 and holding a Masters or PhD degrees) were selected to participate in the event from both developed and developing countries to promote networking. In 2011, TWAS-ARO has selected 10 young scientists from the Arab World to attend BioVision.NXT and BioVision Lyon 2011.

   During the Event, the TWAS/BVA.NXT class is offered the opportunity to meet Nobel Laureates, renowned speakers and other young scientists from all over the world. They also have the chance to voice their problems and try to find solutions to the obstacles they face. The Event usually includes various panels and roundtable discussions where they can share their views.

   Priority is given to applied research and the research that meets society's needs.