Our Partners


The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS)

   TWAS, the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World, is an autonomous international organization, founded in Trieste, Italy in 1983 by a distinguished group of scientists from the South under the leadership of the late Nobel laureate Abdus Salam of Pakistan. With a membership comprised of more than 900 eminent scientists (more than 80 percent of whom are from developing countries), TWAS represents the best of science in the developing world. Its principal aim is to promote scientific capacity and excellence for sustainable development in the South. Since 1986, TWAS has supported scientific research in 100 developing countries through a variety of research, training and exchange programs. More than 2,000 eminent scientists worldwide, including TWAS members, peer review proposals free-of-charge for research grants, fellowships and awards that are submitted to the Academy by scientists and institutions in developing countries.

For additional information, see www.twas.org.


BioVision - The World Life Sciences Forum

   Science and technology are meaningless unless they serve society. BioVision, the World Life Sciences Forum, has brought together scientists, industries, policymakers and NGO leaders from all over the world in an endeavour to improve the harmonious integration of progress in life sciences and biotechnology into contemporary society. BioVision is a three-day international forum, taking place every two years in Lyon, France. It aims to explain life science discoveries and discuss their societal and ethical implications with all stakeholders: scientists, industrialists, national and international policymakers and civil societies; engage key international leaders to share insights and confront their views on “global issues” related to health, nutrition and the environment: European commissioners, CEOs, directors of UN agencies and NGOs; build tomorrow’s life science community with young scientists through its BioVision.Nxt Fellows’ Programme; and foster discussion and collaboration between the four communities involved by offering networking opportunities during the Forum and beyond, through the Internet.

More information on BioVision can be found on www.biovision.org.