Sessions moderation and chairing

Each session room is equipped with:

  • Video projector
  • Lectern with microphone
  • Laser pointer
  • Laptop with operating system Windows 7 (English)
  • Remote control for PowerPoint
  • Microphone (at least one) from which the audience can ask questions.
  • Signs indicating “You have 5 minutes” and “Speak slowly”

You  might  like  to  arrange  for  someone  to  help  you Chair  the  session  by  being  responsible  for  holding  up  the  signs where the speakers can see them.
Check the layout of your Session room to see if this would be necessary.

In advance:
If  an  announced  speaker  is  absent  from  the  conference,  you  may  ask  another  person  to  summarize  the  paper  but make  this  change  clear  to  the  audience.  

Ten minutes before your Session begins:
Speakers have been asked to report 10 minutes before the start of the Session so that they can meet you.
Please remind speakers that they should:

  • Speak  slowly  and  clearly  to  enable  their  audience  to  follow.  Many delegates  will  not  be  native  speakers  of the language in which the paper is presented. Use the “speak slowly” sign if necessary.
  • Avoid using idiomatic or other expressions unfamiliar to an international audience;
  • Avoid using acronyms or sets of initials where possible;
  • Explain acronyms and initials if you have to use them;
  • Do not read the paper word by word, summarize the highlights instead;
  • Aim to finish speaking a few minutes before the end of their allotted time so that there is time for questions and discussion.
  • Use the “You have 5 minutes” sign if you like.

During the Session
Based on evaluation of previous congress Sessions, please follow the
se procedures:

  • Speak clearly and slowly at all times, avoiding acronyms and idiomatic expressions: many delegates will not be native speakers and may struggle to follow.
  • Announce any changes that have been made to the advertised program.
  • Let  the  audience  know  at  the  start  when  they  will  be  able  to  ask  questions for  example,  after  each presentation, or at the end.
  • Briefly introduce each speaker, and say in which language s/he will speak.
  • Remind speakers to “speak slowly” using the sign if necessary.
  • If  participants  ask  questions  from  the  floor,  ask  them  to  introduce   themselves  and  speak  into  the microphone.
  • Make  absolutely  sure  that  the  presentations  and  meetings  do  not  run  over  time,  since  this  may  affect  the meetings  following  yours.  If  necessary,  interrupt  the  speaker  to  ask  them  to  finish;  taking  up  another speaker’s time is discourteous to the other speakers and to the audience. Use the “You have 5 minutes” sign.

The above guidelines have been adapted from IFLA WLIC guidelines.