6th International Summit of the Book - Romania

16/10/2017 - 17/10/2017

This year’s summit theme is From Guttenberg to Tim Berners Lee: Book, Ebook and technology to create knowledge. The following are the subthemes

  • Technology and manuscripts
  • Books & cultural exchange
  • eBooks versus print books
  • Book industry challenges in Europe
  • Books, reading and the society
  • Books and knowledge economy
  • Future of the book
  • Role of the book in human knowledge and culture
  • Rare Books
  • Literacy
  • Preservation through digitization
  • Archival repositories and special collections
  • Preservation and the library as a sacred institution
  • Book manufacture in modern times
  • Etymology & history of the book
  • Information explosion and the book
  • Libraries and challenges for the future.


This year’s International Summit of the Book will be held in Brasov, Romania at Transilvania University of Brasov, and shall be organized in collaboration with Public Library from Brasov.

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