4th International Summit of the Book - Egypt

06/11/2015 - 07/11/2015

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria, Egypt has hosted the fourth International Summit of the Book in view of its leading cultural role nationally, regionally, and globally. The theme of Summit has been "Book, Reading & Technology", and was held 6–7 November, 2015 in Alexandria. This Summit has been attended by international eminent figures, distinguished speakers, intellectuals, academics, and professionals in the field of books, libraries, culture, publishing and technology. This important cultural event, held for the first time in Africa and the Arab world, discussed key issues on technology and manuscripts, including the role of translation in the preservation and transmission of culture, and the book as an important tool in cultural exchange. The Summit also discussed the development of books into electronic formats, and its impact on reading; the challenges facing books and the publishing industry, particularly in Africa and the Arab world; and the role of books and reading in societies.

The Summit revolves around the following sub-themes:

  • Technology and Manuscripts
  • Books & Cultural Exchange
  • E-Books Versus Print Books
  • The Crisis of the Book in Developing Countries

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