Alya A. Arabi


Dr. Alya A. Arabi is Associate Professor in the Department of Biochemistry, College of Medicine and Health Sciences at UAEU (2020-). She is Honorary Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry at University College London, UK (2017-). In 2012, Dr. Arabi received her PhD in Chemistry from Dalhousie University, Canada. In 2008, she was awarded a Bachelor of Sciences Honors degree with highest aggregate from Mount Saint Vincent University joint with Dalhousie University, Canada. Dr. Arabi received numerous prestigious awards including the Killam Predoctoral Scholarship, NSERC Graduate Scholarship-Doctoral, and the 2nd Khalifa Fund Techo-preneur Award in the UAE. Dr. Arabi accepted Adjunct Faculty positions at Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada, and Abu Dhabi University, UAE (2012-2013). She then joined the College of Natural and Health Sciences at Zayed University, UAE, as an Assistant Professor (2014-2018), and as an Associate Professor (2018-2020). Her research interests lie in the investigation of biochemical systems using computational tools. She studies 1) the effect of external factors such as electric fields and intercalators on mutations in DNA, and 2) bioisosterism in drug design. Her research is published in highly-ranked international journals.


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Food-Water-Health Nexus: From Climate Change to Sustainability of Food and Human Health

Food, water, and well-being are essential parts of continuous cycle in life. An imbalance in any of the three parts leads to a broken cycle with severe consequences on the quality of life. On one hand, water resources are influenced by pollution factors including thermal pollution caused by the climate change and increases temperatures. One the other hand, food sustainability and security is primarily based on the availability of water resources. Together, water and food are the base for healthy human-beings who, in turn, can take care of maintaining water quality and agriculture. In this talk, I will elaborate on the food-water-health cycle with focus on the climate change as a result of deforestation