The BA Center for Islamic Civilization Studies is organizing a lecture entitled “The Mamluk Knight Muhammad Ibn Mankeli: His Biography and Military Scientific Classifications”, delivered by Mr. Yahya Abdullah Al-Kandari, a researcher at the Arabian Horse Center (Bait Al-Arab - Kuwait), on Sunday, 3 March 2024, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm, in the BACC Delegates Hall.

The lecture will discuss the biography of the Mamluk knight Muhammad Ibn Mankeli, who took over the army during the reign of the Mamluk Sultan Al-Ashraf Shaaban, and was famous for his knowledge and prowess in the art of war, military arts, and horsemanship. Ibn Mankeli wrote several works that highlighted military training for soldiers and knights, and various forms of battlefields, in addition to his valuable book on hunting, which was considered an important equestrian activity for soldiers in the Mamluk era.


Event Schedule

Location Date From: To: Activity Admission
BACC Delegates Hall 03 Mar 2024 13:00 15:00 Lecture Registration