About us:

• The Embassies of Knowledge (EoK) program builds on the efforts of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) to serve as a center of excellence in the production and dissemination of knowledge by creating a physical network for outreach across Egypt.

• The EoK program was launched in 2014 with the aim of establishing Embassies at various Egyptian universities and research centers equipped to expand BA services and programs across Egypt.

• Through these Embassies, students and other visitors are able to access the BA rich selection of electronic resources and watch live lectures, seminars, and cultural events from the BA and other Embassies. At the same time, EoK cooperate with different BA Departments to organize various cultural, scientific, and artistic activities which take into consideration the needs and interests of users in every Governorate.

• As part of its services, EoK develops a monthly program of activities and programs, rooted in the fields of culture, arts and sciences, that strive to raise the standards of achievement and motivation, as well as promote the concept of knowledge in its broadest sense, amongst students across Egypt. As such, EoK work not only to empower young people to become better learners, but also to be creators, inventors, teachers, community leaders and global citizens.

We work with:

• Researchers

• Students

• University professors and employees

We strive to:

• Represent the BA and promote its objectives in all Egyptian Governorates.

• Develop the research skills of students at Egyptian universities.

• Enhance young people’s capacities for original ideas and action.

• Motivate self-learning among university students, and build their skills in all cultural, scientific, and knowledge fields.

• Promote and preserve Egypt’s cultural heritage through the organization of interactive workshops in literary, artistic, and scientific fields.

We provide access to:

• All the scientific databases and journals available at the BA, which cover a vast range of subjects in all human sciences and knowledge.

• The BA Digital Assets Repository (DAR). Through EoK, patrons are able to review the full content of the digitized books available instead of the 5% viewer access allocated online.

• The full spectrum of BA publications.