The BA Culturama Features a Pharaonic Trial

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Alexandria— The BA Culturama features, as of today, Monday, 2 April 2007, a new interactive show entitled "Pharaonic Trail Panorama", an operetta presenting the proceedings of a trial in Ancient Egypt, as described in the Book of the Dead. The Book of the Dead is a set of ancient Egyptian funerary texts and teachings on what the afterlife would contain and how to overcome the obstacles which stood in the way of reaching peace, the ultimate goal for an Egyptian in the afterlife.

The Culturama consists of a huge 180 degrees panoramic interactive computer screen with a diameter of 10 meters that is made up of nine separate flat screens arranged in a semicircle and nine video projectors controlled by a single computer. Culturama, a very informative and attractive multimedia program and latest display technology, has proven to be an excellent tool for delivering information to both children and adults. It has also enabled the display of information that could never have been displayed clearly using regular computer display systems. Culturama presents three different periods of the Egyptian history: the Ancient Egyptian Period, Highlights of Islamic Civilization and Modern Egypt.


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