BA Publishes Hieroglyphics Book for Children

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The BA Center for Writings and Scripts Studies has published a book by Dr. Marwa El-Kady,Words from Ancient Egypt, that aims to teach children and youth the principles of the ancient Egyptian language and the hieroglyphic script. The book was created as a result of the BA’s interest in the dissemination of cultural awareness in society, specifically among children.

The book begins with an introduction to the emergence of the ancient Egyptian language and writing and the different types of ancient Egyptian script, particularly hieroglyphics and its various symbols. The book’s author, Dr. Marwa El-Kady, selected a number of topics that can capture children’s attention and arouse their curiosity, such as scenes from the Egyptian environment, glimpses of the daily life of the ancient Egyptian,  and aspects of the social and economic life in ancient Egypt. She also included some ancient Egyptian words pertaining to the previous topics in order to increase children’s vocabulary and acquaint them with the past from a different perspective.

Several factors were taken into consideration while publishing the book, such as the language used. Although the book includes rich content, the language was kept simple and a number of interesting illustrations were added to clarify the scientific content. Bright colours were also used to stimulate the reader’s creative taste.