Theater Activities at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Arts Center

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The Arts Center hosts, supports, and produces theatrical performances. This year (July 2014–July 2015), it presented 51 performances of different kinds including theatrical performances, storytelling, contemporary dance, folk dance, and stand-up comedy.

The Arts Center organizes the Alexandria International Festival for Contemporary Theater and the Summer Festival—which encompasses theater, music, and cinema. It also participates in supporting local and international theater festivals.

The BA Arts Center offers the “Theater Production Grant” for three performances annually, and it supports performances that were awarded production grants or support from other institutions by providing them with equipped stages. It also carries out a number of artistic projects independently or through partnerships and collaborations with cultural and artistic institutions.

The Arts Center gives great attention and care to training and improvement. It organizes workshops, lectures, seminars, and conferences that tackle different theatrical aspects and target different participants ranging from amateurs to professionals. Theatre directors and theatre groups who are interested in giving their performance at the BA, please contact Saeed Kabeel, theatre coordinator, Arts Center, Bibliotheca Alexandria.



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