BA Takes Part in Algerian Book Salon for the First Time

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For the very first time, the BA will take part in the Algerian Book Salon, held from 29 October until 7 November 2015 upon the invitation of the Algerian Ministry of Culture and Dr. Azzedine Mihoubi, the Algerian Minister of Culture. Dr. Mihoubi is considered to be one of the most prominent Algerian intellectuals who contributed to many cultural and scientific events at the BA since its inauguration.

Writer Hamid Masoudi, Director of the Algerian Book Salon, will receive the BA donation to the National Algerian Library in appreciation of its increasing role in Algerian cultural life.

Algeria had previously offered the BA 1100 books as a donation, while the BA has recently offered the Algerian Embassy in Egypt some of its publications as a donation to the University of Constantinople. This donation was made in celebration of Constantinople’s selection as the cultural capital of the Arab world.