6th Min Fat Ademoh Tah (He Who Abandons His Past is Lost) Festival at Sinnari House

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Sinnari House is preparing for the 6th round of the annual Min Fat Ademoh Tah (He Who Abandons His Past is Lost) Festival, which specializes in supporting traditional crafts and folk arts. This year’s festival is going to be held at Sinnari House on 1 September 2016.

The festival aims to present the efforts of various Egyptian cities in preserving their heritage and traditional crafts, which is a means of preserving the national Egyptian identity. The Min Fat Ademoh Tah Festival is considered one of the most important traditional crafts festival in the Middle East. It is also looked upon as a highly ranked and prestigious festival in this field, as it promotes depreciating crafts in Egypt and promotes innovation in the field of traditional crafts through hosting young artists that present new ideas in that field.

This year’s festival will present numerous traditional crafts, such as brass crafts that date back to the pharaonic era. The festival will hold, for the first time, lectures on and exhibitions of brass crafts. It will also include several activities and events, such as workshops that explain the various handicrafts. These workshops aim to teach younger generations about the history of theses crafts, connecting the crafts to their ancient past, and introducing participants to the tools and equipment that Egyptians used in their daily lives through earlier historical periods.

The festival will have a large number of participating craftsmen from different Egyptian governorates. The General Organization for Cultural Palaces and the General Authority For Tourism Development (Foustat Traditional Crafts Center) will also be participating in the event.

Those who wish to participate in the 6th Min Fat Ademoh Tah Festival should coordinate with Sinnari House through filling the attached application. The application deadline is 18 August 2016.