BA Publishes Copts in Egyptian Society Before and After the Muslim Conquest

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The BA has published Copts in Egyptian Society Before and After the Muslim Conquest. The book includes researches, in Arabic and in English, that resulted from the first international conference for Coptic studies. The conference was organized by the BA Center for Calligraphy Studies and was titled Life in Egypt during the Coptic Period: Towns and Villages, Laymen and Clergy, Bishops, and Dioceses.

The book tackles a variety of topics in various aspects of life during the Coptic era classified under four main categories: antiquities, art, social history, and restoration and maintenance.

Several Coptology specialists contributed to the book with their researches, including Dr. Youhanna Nessim Youssef, researcher at the Centre for Early Christian Studies in Australia; Dr. Atef Naguib, General Manager of the Coptic Museum in Cairo; and many other leading researchers in Coptic studies from around the world.

The BA has assumed the responsibility of publishing the aforementioned researches in order to produce an encyclopedia of Coptology, for this book compiles 44 research papers in specialized fields, each of which tackling a specific branch of Coptic studies. Thus, it complements the contents of the Coptic Encyclopedia of Dr. Aziz Suryal in terms of the diversity, significance, and novelty of topics.

This publication aims to highlight an aspect of Egyptian Coptic history and give people a closer look at it, not as a separate phase but rather as an integral link in Egyptian history.