Omar Samra Launches “Make Space Yours” Program at the BA

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On Sunday, 12 March, the BA hosted a lecture titled “The Program Launching of Make Space Yours in Alexandria”, and it was delivered by Omar Samra, a renowned adventurer and explorer, a future astronaut with XCOR AEROSPACE, and the first Egyptian to climb Mount Everest, climb the seven summits, and ski to both poles, and Mohammed Sallam, the only Egyptian and Arab Mars astronaut candidate.

The “Make Space Yours” program, which aims to encourage school and university students across Egypt to come up with ideas for space experiments for a chance to win valuable prizes, was launched during the event.

Samra stated that the program is operated by a group of space science enthusiasts who are genuinely keen on providing Egyptian youth with the opportunity to explore and research space science, especially since this filed is rapidly growing and spreading worldwide and is going to provide great opportunities to all over the coming years.

Sallam also stressed that “Make Space Yours” is a non-profit development project that provides youth with the chance to have an active role in internationally advancing space research through its competitions. The program was launched in 2016, and school and university students can now apply to the program by submitting and presenting innovative and applicable ideas.

The first round of the competition has been completed at schools in Cairo and Giza, and its winners will be announced soon. School students can apply for and submit their projects to the competition through the official “Make Space Yours” website.

The schools competition category of the program requires students to present their ideas either through designing a spaceship that could transport people to another planet or moon within the solar system or designing a settlement on another planet or moon within the solar system. In each round, 3–4 winners will be announced, and they will be awarded a trip to an educational camp at the Muricata Space Camps.

The universities competition category requires students to submit an idea of an experiment to be tested in microgravity. Submitted experiments should be applicable, either in the present or in the future. The winning experiment will be included in Samra’s flight to space with XCOR AEROSPACE.