BA to Celebrate the 2017 Arabic Manuscripts Day

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The BA Manuscript Museum is organizing a number of workshops on the occasion of celebrating the Arabic Manuscripts Day, which is set on 4 April of every year according to the decision made by Arab Ministers of Culture at their 20th meeting in December 2016. The workshops are going to be held from 2 to 5 April 2017, and they will target youth and manuscript specialists.

The workshops this year are organized in collaboration with the Institute of Arabic Manuscripts in Cairo under the title “Heritage in Hazardous Times”. They aim to introduce rare manuscripts and books, highlight the importance of Ancient Arab heritage and its vitality in preserving and developing the identity of Arab peoples, and introduce new ways to conserve Arab heritage through reviving it and teaching new generations more about it.

The 2 April 2017 workshop will include a number of lectures for specialists and will discuss the techniques, tools, and materials used for handling adorned manuscripts. The lectures will also highlight the Manuscript Museum collection and the key services and activities carried out by the Conservation and Restoration Section.

Lectures targeting youth are going to be held on 5 April 2017 and will include a presentation titled “Our Scientific Heritage: Between the Past and the Present”, a workshop titled “Protect Your Heritage”, and a detailed tour of the BA Manuscript Museum.