Egyptian Postal Authority Presents The Memory of Modern Egypt with Commemorative Stamps

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The BA has recently received a collection of commemorative stamps, issued between 1981 and 1991, from the Egyptian Postal Authority within the framework of the joint cooperation between both entities.

Egyptian commemorative stamps are a vital source used in documenting modern Egyptian history, and they are collectively one of the most important content material available via The Memory of Modern Egypt portal. The Memory of Modern Egypt project aims to establish the largest digital repository of culturally and historically valuable material on the modern history of Egypt, starting from the reign of Muhammad Ali in 1805 up until the reign of President Sadat in 1981.

The project succeeded in digitizing its content from the private collections of eminent Egyptian politicians and writers, resources and material focusing on the past 200 years in Egypt’s modern history from various organizations, and material from the BA historical archive.

The repository, which aspires to be the key source of material on Egyptian history, has an infrastructure designed to accommodate expandability, thus allowing continuous addition to its content.

It is noteworthy that, within the Memory of Modern Egypt Series, the BA had published the Al-Bareed fi Bar Masr (Mail in Egypt) catalogue, which documents the history of mail in Egypt. The catalogue tackles the emergence and development of the mailing and postage system in Egypt until the 18th century, Egyptian stamps, and the postal service hierarchy of the Postal Authority.